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Gaia-X e-Learning Modules

Coming soon: December 2023 
We are actively working on our e-learning module, ready to be released in a few weeks. You will then be able to dive into a world of interactive learning and quality resources to develop your skills. Stay tuned for more information and get ready to enhance your knowledge next month.


Discover our software toolkit, designed to help you get started and explore the Gaia-X Ecosystem with ease. It brings you the flexibility to explore at your own pace, deploy purpose-made solutions and acquire essential skills. The code for these components is open and available through the Gaia-X repository.

Issuance Credential Protocol ( ICP)

A component that allows you to retrieve attributes from the user's wallet. It transmits requests for presentation of attributes (in QR-code format to a user's wallet) in order to transmit them to a back office which verifies the identity of the user to validate that he has the right to recover the 'attribute. It generates the requested attribute from the data provided by the back office and displays a QR code to the wallet user to allow them to retrieve the requested attribute. It is designed for wallets respecting the OIDC4CI protocol.

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Negociation Tool 

An interface between the Aster-X catalog and the data space (MOOCed with Nextcloud and Mailjet) to negotiate and sign a service contract between supplier and consumer and allow them to recover the contract attribute.

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Wizard Tool 

Support tool intended for a service/data product provider to create and publish service descriptions.

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Web catalog 

Front part of the Aster-X federated catalog.

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